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Friends & Guests!

The purpose of this website is two-fold.

First and foremost it is to amaze and entertain you.

Second but equally important it is to showcase the extraordinary CMS that I am building. As I develop new and amazing modules they will be seen here.

Quotable Quotes

A girl I fall in love with will not have been like I was. I would like the girl who’s had serious boyfriends, with maybe a wild phase where she had a couple one-night stands and that was that. Not the one who went for it like I did.
Stephen Dorff


Currently I am developing the "Quotable Quotes" that you see above. Then the following items are on the agenda: the contact form and the blog section.

Once the blog section is complete, the following project will be a bulletproof login system. After that is complete, I may invite you to become a guest writer of blog posts or other relevant articles.

Cookie and Privacy Policy.

This platform is being built from the ground up with security and privacy being of utmost importance. As soon as the login system is complete and people sign up, they will be amazed at how convenient real security is.

That being said, security protocols require that you receive a minimum number of cookies from me. When you become a member you will get an extra cookie or two to keep you from not having to re-login.

Some of my code can be found on GitHub